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Thuraya IP+

Thuraya IP+

Thuraya IP +

Compact, light and faster than ever.


When you need superior mobility with zero compromise on connectivity, there can only be one choice: Thuraya IP+. The high-speed IP capabilities of Thuraya IP+ enable users to access corporate networks, browse the Internet, connect with colleagues, family and friends via email and social media, and hold video conferences or chat over VoIP solutions - wherever and whenever they need it.


Delivering the highest throughput in its size class, Thuraya IP+ can be easily deployed from backpack to broadband in a matter of seconds - allowing you to take advantage of reliable broadband access from locations covered by Thuraya’s congestion-free satellite network.


Offering portability and ‘always-on’ mobile broadband access, Thuraya IP+ is the preferred satellite broadband solution for a wide range of mission-critical operations such as broadcast media, defense, telemedicine and disaster response, especially for deployment in areas that are inadequately served by terrestrial networks. With Thuraya IP+, broadcasters are also equipped with high-speed streaming connections to ensure that their video feeds can be transmitted back to their studios in the most optimized manner.





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