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Thuraya Atlas IP

Thuraya Atlas IP

Thuraya Atlas IP

Providing enhanced connectivity onboard ships


As a leading provider of maritime communications services, Thuraya continues to build on its reputation for delivering high-quality hardware and competitive airtime prices backed by a powerful, reliable satellite network.


Our commitment to the maritime market has been strengthened further with the release of Thuraya Atlas IP, a broadband terminal
specifically designed to deliver added value to end users seeking enhanced connectivity and high-speed operational efficiency on
board ships.


Atlas IP provides merchant maritime, government, fishing, and leisure entities, connectivity with a purpose-built, fully-featured maritime satellite terminal that provides best-in-class data rates of up to 444kbps. This terminal has the ability to switch to Circuit Switched Voice combined with a rich set of features that result in the perfect solution for all types of vessels.


What’s more, Atlas IP has completed a rigorous testing, qualification and certification program including testing in a variety of marine environments and regions to ensure it lives up to its promise of being a ‘lifeline’ to the maritime sector.


For ship owners and operators looking to stay ahead of the competition in this demanding market, Atlas IP improves the communication link to vessels and reduces the overall cost of providing the link, with competitive airtime plans and hardware costs
that are lower than less capable terminals.



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